Panel Discussion Descriptions

Panel Discussion #1: Do I Really Need an MBA??? Business Skills for Core Personnel 
10:30am - 11:45am. Friday, October 9th. 
    Susan Constable, Moffitt Cancer Center 
    Philip Hockberger, Northwestern University 
    Cara Ballard Sutcliffe, Vanderbilt University 

Historically, staff that are responsible for the oversight and management of their core facilities are highly skilled to successfully carry out their technical and scientific duties. Conversely, the administrative burden can be seen as an annoyance and easily fall aside to negatively impact the day to day operations. In an effort to educate and train these staff to successfully manage these responsibilities we will explore three different scenarios that provide the necessary tools to the core directors and the staff to build a solid administrative foundation: Research Core Management Programs (Constable and Sutcliffe) and Business School Certificate Programs (Hockberger). 

Panel Discussion #2: Looking back at the End of the Day – Evaluating Core Impact
3:15pm - 4:40pm. Friday, October 9th. 
    Paige Vinson, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 
    Larry Marnett, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    Craig Lewis, Vanderbilt Owen School of Business
    Paula Turpin, University of Nebraska Medical Center

In today’s challenging economic climate, shared resources are experiencing a “trickle-down” effect of reduced research funding resulting in decreased revenue needed to cover costs in their revenue-neutral financial models. Most shared resources are critical for institutions to remain competitive for grant funding because they provide capabilities needed for specialized studies that will help set proposals apart from those that do not have such resources available in house. Due to the need for institutional subsidies, shared resources are under constant scrutiny by high-level leadership and must be prepared to defend their existence. In lieu of straightforward financial evidence, what are the metrics that should be collected and reported up by shared resources to demonstrate their value? A panel representing both academic and business perspectives will provide their insights into this question.

Panel Discussion #3: 
Covering your Assets - Managing Service Contracts 
8:45am - 10:30am. Saturday, October 10th. 
    Karen Staehling, Stowers Institute
    Diane Tabarini, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 
    Aaron Rosen, Northwestern University
    David Karr, Stowers Institute 

Maintaining and repairing instruments is critical for successful operation of a core facility.   Service contracts can be a safety net but they can also be costly.  Core facility directors and administrators often struggle with the type of service contract to purchase (full service? parts only? annual PM?) as well as whether to purchase the contract from the manufacturer or a third party.  Many wonder if they can simply go without a service contract and switch to billable service or repair the instrument in house.  In this panel we will explore solutions employed at three academic institutions.  We will discuss case studies of successful core facilities without service contracts as well as questions to ask when shopping for service contracts.  Panelists will also share tips and lessons learned from past successful and unsuccessful experiences.